About Welcome to Burbslife!

Who? What? Where?

My name is Nick and this is my photoblog. I am originally from Ireland, but I now live in Oakville, Ontario. I'm a Graphic Designer, and after dabbling in it for a few years, I decided to take up photography as a serious hobby. I set up this photoblog as an incentive to keep going at it.

I called it "burbslife" because I wanted to document the area I live in. Burlington/Oakville has a lot of character, and my hope is that I capture some of it here. The scope of this site has since crept outwards though to include vacations and other stuff.

This is what I am using:
Canon Digital Rebel XT, with an EFS 18-55mm lens

Film: Canon EOS 500, with an EF 35-80mm lens
Digital: Canon A540 PowerShot

Anyway, I hope you like what you see, if you have any tips or suggestions I would love to hear about them. You can email me at nick@burbslife.com.


All photographs © Nick F.


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