Valley of the Giants
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+ Comments Valley of the Giants - 2007-07-16 21:34:18
We took a gondola ride up this mountain that overlooks Banff. On the far left, atop a peak is a Cosmic Ray Station. There is a walkway from where the photo was taken to that station which measures the concentration of the suns rays as they penetrate the earth's atmosphere. It used to be a manned station before automation, and inside the hut are two bunkbeds and some lanterns, an old telephone and so on to show what it would have looked like back then. In the middle is Banff itself, to the immediate right of that is the famous Banff Hotel, a golf course and a river that you can raft down. Another tourist taking in the view is on the far right. The Trans-Canada Highway is running along the northern end of Banff there. In the background you can see the mountains that make up this portion of the Canadian Rockies. Quite spectacular indeed.