The Festival of Ribs
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+ Comments The Festival of Ribs - 2008-08-31 20:07:19
Behold! Burlington's own Festival of Ribs, better known as "Ribfest" is held every Labour Day weekend and brings together flavours of BBQ rib sauce from far and wide across this great continent known as North America. There are contestants from the deep southern states, and across Ontario competing for king of the ribbers among other titles here, and the availability of amazing food for the carnivores in Burlington and the surrounding hamlets (pun intended) is incredibly tantalizing. The contestants rigs are also pretty entertaining... Seriously though, if you like BBQ pork (or beef) ribs and chicken, get your ass down there. There is only one day left and legend has it that incredible deals for ribs can be had closer to the end of the last day than the beginning of the first.